Cleaning Measures and Products

  • Ethanol (common alcohol): At a concentration of 70%. That is, seven parts alcohol per three of water.

  • Bleach: Concentration of 30-50 grams per liter. That is, 20 milliliters of bleach for every liter of water.

  • Cleendex Extra: Us Imported Product. 10 milliliters of Cleendex Extra for every liter of water, 100% effective in eradicating the novel covid-19

Social estrangement, the main measure

At Casa Anzures users will find security and estrangement measures that they will have to respect and that the accommodation will notify them before making the confirmation of their reservation.

A minimum distance between staff and customers should be maintained. This shall determine the maximum capacity in the commonareas, place markers away to avoid crowds, and supply their employees with masks, gloves and other materials recommended by the healthcare authorities.

It is recommended to install physical elements that ensure the protection of reception staff,easy cleaning and disinfection. If such physical elements are not available, staff should wear a mask

In the case of staff uniform, it must be washed at a temperature of at least 60oC and carry clean work clothes daily.

Please note that the staff who are in charge of cleaning the rooms must wear at least gloves and masks and change gloves is recommended for cleaning each room.

Reducing the risk of contagion

Other measures of the protocol include avoiding sharing objects to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. In this way, it is recommended to avoid lending materials such as pens,which must bedisinfected after use, or towels and other objects in common toilets. In addition, disinfectant solution must be available in the reception and reception area.

Payment with cards or other electronic means will be encouraged and the POS or telephone must be disinfected after use. In the event that cards or keys are used to access the rooms, they will be deposited in a container with disinfectant at the end of the stay.

Computer equipment and any other items of use (e.g. telephone) must be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of the work shift, with headphones and helmets recommended for individual use.

If the staff carries the customer’s luggage, they must do so with gloves and disinfect the handles and handles. Employees will also need to clean up commonly used tools, such as computers, between use and use.

The cleaning plan includes increasing the frequency, especially in areas of greater contact such as surfaces, faucets or railings; and greater ventilation.

Rooms without decorations or gifts

Guests will not find as much decoration or gifts or ammenities in their rooms,they will reduce the textiles (carpets).

Blankets and pillows in cabinets must beprotected. In case the room has a hairdryer, it must be cleaned (including the filter) upon departure of the customer. Hangers, if not offered sealed, must be disinfected at the user’s exit and the iron service should be limited.

In the case of rooms shared by persons who do not conform to a familyunit, it should be the health/risk committee that determines the appropriate measures in accordance with the type of customers.

Other services: gyms, café.

As for the dining room or cafeteria service, customers will no longer have shared items such as salt flats or vinegars. Individual or single-dose bales shall be opted for.

A maximum capacity should be established in the dining rooms and in the leisure and resting areas to store the minimum safety distance. To ensure this, the document includes possible measures to be taken such as increasing meal shifts, removing the chairs in sufficient numbers to ensure that those left respect the social safety distance, not sharing kitchen utensils or utensils and placing caresses that remember the hand washing before and after pressing the buttons on the vending machines and coffee, if any.
In the room service the waiter, if he enters the room, must use gloves when accessing it both to serve and to withdraw the service. In addition, the waiter must carry a mask if he cannot keep the safe distance from the customer. All crockery material (including trays and dishwasher bells) will be hygienized in a dishwasher and a protocol for the removal of wastemustbe defined, from which the customer will be informed.

In order to offer gymactivities, the capacity of the facilities and also the safety distance (also between machines) will be limited.

A non-activity period must be ensured to access the cleaning and disinfection of the rooms and thus ensure the safety of employees and customers.

The application for common gym items such as weights, fitness balls, dumbbells, etc., which should be removed if cleaning and disinfection cannot be ensured.

Informational measures in several languages

Establishments must inform customers prior to booking confirmation of the established terms of service and prevention measures, for acceptance.

In the establishment itself, information measures should include the indication of positions respecting the safety distance with marking or alternative measures (such as at reception or entrance to the restaurant, etc.) and information on healthcarecentres, firefighters, local and national police in the area, with emergency emergency times and telephones and t.heir location

The signage arranged must be in at least one foreign language (considering the country/countries of origin of the customers).